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When we say “connectivity” we mean multiple criteria to be fulfilled by a home network . You need sufficient bandwidth, availability of connections, flexibility to choose between wired and wireless interfaces. As a user, you want to be able to use network solutions – which primarily means content – flexibly, reliably and securely. Bandwidth is required in order to transfer and receive high-quality content (such as 4K TV) effectively, or to exchange data fast at home and via the internet. In addition, we are convinced that the comprehensive availability of stable and secure network connections to be of equal relevance. Availability can be achieved via wireless connections (WiFi, PLC) or with multiple data outlets at home. The optimum networking encompasses WiFi for mobile devices and secure LAN connections for stationary devices.

1Gb switch

How it works

For the optical data transmission via POF media converters are used. Electrical data signals are converted into optical signals with an advanced modulation technique. The light spectrum is within the visible light range, currently red light with typ. 650nm. At the receiver side the optical signal is, converted back into an electric data signal. The used transmission protocol, IEEE 802.3.u, is internationally standardized. The modulation and communication technology for Gigabit Ethernet over POF is currently in the standardization process in IEEE WG. VD Connect offers a wide range of media converters and optical POF switches for the installation of Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet Network.

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The IP protocol provides the opportunity to connect various applications, services and devices in one network.

Gigabit Technology

Building innovation

With the transmission of Gigabit Ethernet over the Polymer Optical Fiber (POF), the installation of high-performance networks becomes even easier.

VD Connect provides Gigabit POF products with high technical performance. Thanks to the Gigabit technology of KD-POF Gigabit components and 100Mbps components can be combined in one system. The POF interfaces detect a 100Mbps link, the transmission rate is switched from 1 Gbps to 100Mbps.

The ideal and standardized transmission length for a 1 Gbps transmission is 50m with a plug-in device on the link.

This Is One Amazing Network

With the transmission of Gigabit Ethernet over the Polymer Optical Fiber (POF), the installation of high-performance networks becomes even easier.

Connect Any Device

The prerequisite for a well-functioning network is a stable infrastructure and stable and secure connections. In addition, the active network components must be able to transfer the required amount of data as well as the protocols that are being used.

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