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DATALIGHT® Easy Switch 1000 6+2 Port


The easy switch 6+2-port 1000 ensures that all Gbps access points have a data rate of 1 Gbps.



Switch for distribution and conversion of optical signals, connections for 6 Duplex Fibre 2.2 DATALIGHT and 2 RJ45 plugs, for transfer rates up to 1 Gbps.
The Easy Switch 6+2-Port 1000 DATALIGHT provides network access for up to two devices using RJ45 connectors and 6 connectors for optical fibres to include access points in the network.
The high speed of 1000 Mbps ensures a smooth data transmission in the network, whereby even big amounts of data, videos, images and music are quickly and safely available at every access point in the network.

The Easy Switch can not be managed.


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