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The technology of POF

KDPOF has developed a high spectral efficiency communication technology that exploits the available capacity of large core Plastic Optical Fiber (POF). This technology uniquely approaches the available communication capacity, delivering a transmission system that automatically adapts its operation (bit-rate and equalization) to variable operating conditions like temperature, fiber, bending, coupling losses, connector aging, etc. As POF is closer to copper or air than to glass optical fiber as a transmission media, we use techniques similar to those implemented in copper and wireless communication systems to approach the maximum theoretical capacity limit of the fiber.

Advantages of our Technology Include #

Channel Capacity: Closest approach to the theoretical maximum capacity of the channel (Shannon limit)
Implementation: Reduced area and power consumption due to efficient implementation
Adaptive Bit Rate: Flexible, “on-the-fly” adaptation to channel variations and application requirements
Self-diagnostics: Deep self-diagnostic capability to monitor channel state and performance
Interfaces: Data interfaces customized for each market application
Energy Efficiency: Energy efficient Ethernet with a higher performance compared to standard Gigabit Ethernet applications

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